KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid!

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The title of this post may seem somewhat abrupt and brash but even the most discerning fashionista can get caught in a style rut.  Sometimes we can overlook the basics in favour of more exciting pieces – when it comes to shopping our heart often overrules our head.  It is so easy to come away from a shopping spree with pieces that you love but may not necessarily need.  Ultimately when you don’t shop smart your wardrobe may be full of great clothes but putting together cohesive outfits may be a struggle.  If this scenario sounds familiar then keep the acronym KISS close to your heart next time you go shopping or venture into your wardrobe!  Here is how to put it into action and how it solves the fashion ultimate dilemma – lots of clothes but nothing to wear.


This really is a no brainer – when in doubt go for black and/or white – it’s a classic combination that looks effortlessly stylish.  Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about whether these colours flatter your complexion as they are both skin tone neutral.

Fit and Cuts

This is a little trickier to discern and it really boils down to knowing your figure and its strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone has something that they love about their figure so play it up!  It’s hard to always go for cuts that actually suit you rather than what you wish suited you but if you dress to flatter your figure you will always look put together.  Dresses are a lot easier to wear than separates as you only have to think about what to accessorise it with – so always have a great selection of dresses you can just throw on when you are in a rush.


This is often an overlooked element when you are putting together an outfit but it can really be a game changer.  For times when you went to look effortlessly chic without necessarily putting all the effort into your outfit then mixing up the textures is an easy way to make your outfit modern and cool.  For example, if you are wearing all black then mix a soft silk skirt with a tough leather skirt or a cashmere jumper with distressed skinny jeans.  The different textures will contrast and add depth and subtly to your outfit.

These three elements are things to consider when constructing your outfits and should be the very foundations from which you put together your look of the day – but what does it look like in practice?  Four staples that should be present in every wardrobe are – a white shirt, a tailored blazer, a great pair of jeans and a few easy to wear dresses.  These should act as the glue of your wardrobe or use variants of these to create a simple capsule wardrobe.

When in doubt try to reduce the different elements of your look rather than trying to compensate with unnecessary decorative pieces.  The basics done well will always be in fashion and then it’s just a matter of accessorising – simple!

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